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There’s Joy in Planning for the Future

April 19, 2010

Life Changes: Plan for It. That’s the motto of the law firm of Morgan and DiSalvo. I visited Loraine DiSalvo this week to get more information about how to best plan for the future. We talked about wills, advance health directives (the new term in Georgia for the living will), durable power of attorney (now part of the Advanced Health Care directive), and more.

If you would obtain more information about the law firm of Morgan and DiSalvo, P.C., please visit their website by clicking here. If you would like to review documents on will and estate planning, please check out the online library of Morgan and DiSalvo by clicking here.For a printable version (PDF format) of the script for this video, click here.

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How to Stay Safe Over the Holidays

December 3, 2009

Have you heard on the news about the car break-ins and package thefts at the mall? Packages stolen from right under the Christmas tree? Watch this video to get loads of safety tips on how to avoid all of that over your holiday this year!

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Holiday Traditions Show: Pumpkin Pie

November 16, 2009

Joy’s friends show how to create a perfect pie crust, and bake a scrumptious pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner in this video. The video also includes a unique discussion of various holiday traditions for one family.

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Introduction to Our New Show

November 9, 2009

Please submit your comments for this introduction to the kinds of things that our show will be exploring with you. We’d love to hear from you about topics that you would like to see on our show!

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