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There’s Joy in Planning for the Future

April 19, 2010

Life Changes: Plan for It. That’s the motto of the law firm of Morgan and DiSalvo. I visited Loraine DiSalvo this week to get more information about how to best plan for the future. We talked about wills, advance health directives (the new term in Georgia for the living will), durable power of attorney (now part of the Advanced Health Care directive), and more.

If you would obtain more information about the law firm of Morgan and DiSalvo, P.C., please visit their website by clicking here. If you would like to review documents on will and estate planning, please check out the online library of Morgan and DiSalvo by clicking here.For a printable version (PDF format) of the script for this video, click here.

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There’s Joy in Having a Healthy Heart

March 1, 2010

Since February is Heart Month, I visited the American Heart Association’s office in Atlanta, Georgia, and spoke to Sharon Masinelli, a physician’s assistant, to learn more about heart issues in women and how they can be prevented. More women die of heart disease than men now, and it is the number one killer of women.

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There’s Joy in Sharing Sweets with Your Sweetheart

February 14, 2010

In this episode of There’s Joy in the House, my husband Richard and I make chocolate hot pots together.  Click here for the recipe for the hot pots, as well as truffles and strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Afterwards, Ida and Wayne Spangler, who have been married for 59 years, come over and share their feelings about how they have managed to stay together so long, without killing each other!

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