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There’s Joy in Going Into Business

June 18, 2010

I visited with four friends who started a business called Glory Haus in 2008, and are going strong in 2010, with two of their husbands having joined them, even though their husbands called it a “good hobby” at first. Each member of the team has a different specialty area, and they have learned by asking questions extensively along the way. They have traveled to China, and monitor the product quality to be sure they meet their standards, and their customers stay happy.

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There’s Joy in Caring for Aging Parents

June 1, 2010

If you wonder how to approach your aging parents about alternatives for care, what the alternatives are, how they compare, and how to pay for them, this video will interest you. Jane Hamil from Bridging Generations and Ellie Schmittinger from Atlanta’s Eldercare Systems, Inc, both experts in this area, join Joy Boone in this discussion.

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